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Project Description
The .NET Framework library's System.Messaging namespace provides support for managing MSMQ queues, but lacks support for working with triggers and rules. This is where the MSMQ Triggers & Rules .NET support library comes in to play.

What Are MSMQ Triggers And Rules?
As a brief overview, MSMQ supports the notion of "triggers". When a message arrives on a queue, the trigger does something. The action(s) the trigger performs is determined by a set of rules. Currently, an MSMQ rule supports launching a COM component, or an executable. Triggers can be enabled or disabled at will, so for example if the back-end system is undergoing maintenance you can "hold up" messages until it becomes available again.

MSMQ And The .NET Framework
The .NET Framework library contains an API for creating, modifying, and deleting queues baked in. However, it lacks support for working with triggers and rules oddly enough. Microsoft does have a COM library (mqtrig.dll) for working with triggers and rules, but it's usage is a bit tricky when developing .NET applications that utilize MSMQ triggers and rules.

What The MSMQ Triggers & Rules Support For .NET Library Provides
My goal with this project is to provide an object-oriented and simple way to manage these triggers and rules. Getting at the rules and triggers is tricky by just using Microsoft's own COM library, and so this is intended to overcome it.

Bonus: MSBuild Task Support For MSMQ
I also intend to provide an MSBuild task library for scripting queue management, including support for scripting management of triggers and rules.

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